How do I get registered?

Admin: On admin level everybody can be registered.
Territory: On territory level retail managers, site managers and employees can be registered.
Retail: On retail level site managers and employees can be registered.
Site: On site level employees can be registered.
Employees: Employees are not allowed to register anybody.

Why can I not register someone?

If you have problems to register a person, ask your manager on the level above.

How can I register someone?

Go to “My profile” an click on “create an account”. In the pop-up fill out all needed information. Click on create. Pls. note that the email address is needed for technical reasons. If you want to register another person just iterate the process.

Which technical requirements do I need for the ShellPORT?

To enter the ShellPORT eLearning portal and to get thru the eLearnings you will need the minimum browser versions Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 7, Safari 4, Google Chrome 1 and the Adobe Flash Player 10. If you do not have the Adobe Flash Player Version 10 you will automatically requested to install the software before starting the eLearning. You should turn on your loudspeakers. If you want to print out the certificate you will need a connection to your local desktopprinter.

I have question regarding the content, who can help me?

Your manager on the level above can help you.

How often can I get through an eLearning?

All eLearnings can be done as often as you want. You should run thru the eLearning minimum till you have reached the 80% success rate otherwise the eLearning will not appear as “completed” in your statistics.

Do other users see my profile?

Your profile can be seen by yourself and the manager in the hierarchy above you: Admin level Territory level Retail level Site level Employee level

Can I change my ID or password?

You can change your password by visiting your profile and click in “Edit password”. If you lose your password, just visit the ShellPORT log-in site and click on “Forgot password”. A new temporary password will be send to your email address automatically. This password is just temporarily valid and has to be changed immediately after entering the ShellPORT. ID’s cannot be changed. If you lose your ID, ask your manager on the level above for help.

Can someone else use my account?

Because of Shell data security policies everyone gets an own ShellPORT account. Do not share your log-in details with other colleagues and never outside Shell.